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A Husband, A Wife, & an Illness

This book will be available in print/audio - March, 2016

Copies of the Anxiety, Stress, & Depression Relief and A Husband, A Wife & an Illness are available to individuals with debilitating mental/physical health problems and caregivers, support groups, healthcare organizations, and religious organizations at special discount rates.

We were living the American dream. But when the illness invaded our lives, it tore those dreams apart and we were thrust into a fight for our survival. In the devastation, we lost our home, our savings, our cars, and even our dogs. We lost everything but each other.

But we are surviving, and thriving, although it sometimes feels as though we are in a mental, physical, and spiritual battle with an invisible opponent. In this uniquely written book, we both tell our own story. But related in a personal tone that moves seamlessly from the emotions of a spouse to motivating coach, this book does more than share a story, each chapter presents practical tips on living a life beyond illness, for both the care giving spouse and the spouse-patient.

If you and your spouse are facing chronic illness, especially a severe chronic illness, you will instantly relate to the chapters in this book. You will understand the odd sense of humor we have about things, and you'll feel us when we cry in the darkest moments.For more information and support,visit    CouplesFacingIllness.com


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DVD of live workshop based on the book.

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Living Life Beyond Chronic Illness

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